Roblox Proxy

Quick About

This is an open-source Roblox proxy for accessing from in-game with HttpService.

You are here because you are a cheapskate and you can't afford to manage a VPS for $5/month; if you experience issues using this, its because you are sharing the same host with a couple thousand other people- for production needs, self-host a proxy- this is on a free tier host, so it's performance will be lackluster.


Requests are made in the format:<subdomain>/<path>
NOTE: If you are migrating from, subdomains must be passed in the path, it is no longer optional.

For example, if you wanted to get user information by username, you would normally call:; now you would call

Some endpoints such as the Catalog API have very aggressive rate limiting, so it is unlikely you will be able to make a successful request (you will see "Too Many Requests").


October 21, 2021: Rewrote the proxy handler, cookies and POST requests are fixed- hopefully.

Roblox API Servers

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